Application Fee and Deposit

A non-refundable application fee of $25 for KU Students and $35 non-KU students is required to place a child on the waiting list. A $350 refundable deposit is required before a child is admitted to Hilltop. Once the child is in attendance, the deposit is carried forward each semester until the child is withdrawn from the center. Hilltop  will refund the $350 deposit 60 days after the child has withdrawn from the center.


Hilltop fees are presented to the Board of Directors for review.  These fees are based on estimated cost increases and enrollment expectations.  The Board will review and approve the budget during the spring semester prior to next fiscal year. 

Fee levels are based on family size and gross monthly income. Once a family is accepted into Hilltop they will complete the Fee Level Questionnaire form, which will determine their fee level.  All KU students who are at or below of "A" level will receive a KU Student rate listed on the fee schedule.  Any other parent at "A" level may be eligible for additional community scholarships provided by DCF.



If a DCF child care plan is written for less than the fees due on the fee agreement, the parent/guardian is responsible for payment of the fees not covered in the DCF plan.

Families are responsible for payment when children are absent from the center.

Fees are payable through FACTS payment online system or DCF Vision card.

Tuition Subsidies

Hilltop does not offer tuition subsidies for non-KU students. 

Parents may be eligible for support from DCF and Positive Bright Start.  Children receiving a tuition subsidy are allowed 5 absences per month with no additional fees due. Absences in excess of 5 per month are not considered qualified absences. The parent/guardian must pay the subsidy amount per day for absences in excess of 5 day per month


A fee agreement showing amount due and due dates is provided to each family. Fees are payable in advance. Generally fees for the first half of the month are due on the 5th and fees for the second half of the month are due on the 20th.

Fees are payable through the FACTS payment online system or DCF Vision Card. .


Accredited since 1987 by the National Association for the Education of Young Children
KU student, staff, and faculty families receive priority on the waiting list
Sliding fee schedule and scholarship fee subsidies
Warm, loving care coupled with developmentally appropriate curriculum
KU families from across the nation and world bring diversity to Hilltop classrooms
Lead teachers hold degrees in child development, early childhood education, or elementary education

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