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Each classroom follows a daily routine, which makes children feel secure. This structure also provides a framework for activities, with specific objectives to meet goals. It is not rigid and may change if the needs of the children are better met in another way. The wide variety of activities vary in pace — some quiet, some active. There are sequenced pre-academics, such as math and reading readiness, visual discrimination and concept development. Music, physical movement and art are also essential at every age level. While teaching styles vary from classroom to classroom, all teachers use a positive approach while teaching, caring, educating and disciplining children. The goal is for all children to feel positive about themselves and their experiences.

Early in the year, teachers assess each child’s skills and then plan programs that meet social emotional, physical, intellectual and creative needs. Records are kept on each child’s progress, and this progress is reported to parents at the end of the fall and spring semesters at parent-teacher conferences. Teachers work hard to provide a high-quality program for children. Through organization, planning and creative use of a wide range of materials, our teachers provide stimulating, developmentally appropriate activities for each child. They also create a warm, loving and secure emotional environment by incorporating patience, a sense of fun and generous use of positive words and gestures. The results for children are a balance of learning, love, security, freedom, independence, consideration of others and a feeling of self-worth.

Accredited since 1987 by the National Association for the Education of Young Children
KU student, staff, and faculty families receive priority on the waiting list
Sliding fee schedule and scholarship fee subsidies
Warm, loving care coupled with developmentally appropriate curriculum
KU families from across the nation and world bring diversity to Hilltop classrooms
Lead teachers hold degrees in child development, early childhood education, or elementary education

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